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The church’s worship ministry commits to passionate, hard-working ministry servants living passionately for Christ in a sinful world without compromising God’s values. Contemporary worship music continues the patterns of living worship that enhance without contradicting the riches of the past, bringing participants into an encounter with God. The ever-changing contemporary music relates to and matures the follower of Jesus Christ today. Worship avoids the motions of worship and claims the heart of worship. Worship celebrates God’s nearness and transcendence through a culturally relatable worship style. Through modern songs of thanksgiving, celebration, adoration, lamentation, reflection, and love, people meet with God in freshness and abundant life. An atmosphere powered by the Holy Spirit offers up individual and corporate expression of joy and intimate praise to a great and awesome Holy God. 



God dramatically desires to interact with his people through the loving language of worship that engages the hearts of every generation to become Christlike. Worship must be biblical, honest in spirit and truth, and address cultural issues so that the lost and all peoples come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Worship celebrates the Creator of the universe and declares that we inherit the Kingdom of Heaven only through Christ. Worship is true to the gospel before it is true to the culture. Worship permeates culture with the living truth of Jesus Christ.


nathan and jenny deere.JPG

Gospel for Asia - Nathan and Jenny Deere

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Cambodia, Vietnam, and Ethiopia - John Bentley and the entire Harmony Outreach Team


Romania (Cluj) - Dave and Lilli Bunnell

Image by Lampos Aritonang


Our Saturday night service is oriented towards those who are 30 and under. It is our hope that this ministry of Calvary Chapel 242 may be an outreach to young people of our communities. Please keep this in prayer.

Starts: at 5:30 p.m.
Where: Calvary Chapel 242

FREE INDEED MINISTRY Promo Video | Calvary Chapel Forney

FREE INDEED MINISTRY Promo Video | Calvary Chapel Forney


Our goal is to impact the youth in our congregation and community by reflecting Godʹs love to them; helping them know Christ and become more like Him; calling them to embrace Jesus in age appropriate ways; and training students to build Godʹs Kingdom to their fullest potential.

Our Children will be studying every Sunday after worship.

Image by Lawrence Aritao


Tis So Sweet is a children's outreach that started in the beginning of 2020.  It is a time for kids in the community to enjoy dinner, play games, learn about the Bible, and make new friends. 


The name of the outreach is inspired by the hymn “Tis so sweet to Trust in Jesus” which is all about how truly sweet and amazing it is to trust in Jesus for our salvation. We pray that this outreach will be able to help the kids to learn to trust in Christ for their salvation but also to trust in Christ with their lives as they grow up!

Tis So Sweet.png
Image by Ivana Cajina


Mission Statement:

We grow together in knowing what is the good, acceptable, and in the perfect will of God as we seek to become women after God’s own heart. Romans 12:2, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect” anchors the women’s ministry mission in God’s word.

Vision Statement:

The Calvary Chapel 242 women grow their connection with God and with one another through Bible studies, fellowship gatherings, praying for each other, and service opportunities. Acts 2:42 inspires the means for women’s spiritual transformation toward Christlikeness: “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”

Tuesday mornings  

Fellowship at 9:45 with study at 10:00 a.m.

The study will focus on the book "What Happens when women say yes to God" By Lysa Terkeurst.

Image by Joel Muniz
Image by Patrick Fore


The purpose of the Men’s Ministry is to provide an opportunity for the men of Calvary Chapel 242 to gather together around God’s Word and grow into the spiritual leaders that God wants them to be in their homes and in the Church body. The heart of the Men’s Ministry is the Men’s Bible Study. The men meet at 9 am on the second and the fourth Saturday of every month for a light breakfast, prayer, study of the Word, and fellowship.

We encourage men in our fellowship to be open and transparent with each other and to be involved in one another’s lives besides Sundays and Wednesdays. Our prayer time is one of the opportunities available for men to pray for and encourage one another.

Image by Lucrezia Carnelos


Please bring food products, dry good and donations, as we reach out to help those in need. Both in the Body of Christ and in the Community.

Please see Tracy Campos or Susan Pasalich for more information.

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Plug-In is our email and Phone Prayer Ministry.
Call: 347-341-1166
See Cynthia Deere for more information

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A Fast is about humbling our hearts before God. Fasting and praying are about giving up what you seek for satisfaction to draw near to God, allowing God to satisfy you. 

Jesus is coming soon, and we need to pray and fast for our families, church, and the world. God speaks of fasting and prayer many times in the bible. We need to be fasting just as Jesus did himself. 

 How are we going to do this as a church? 
  1. Start by signing up for one or multiple days to pray and fast that work for you. There is a calendar on the bulletin board at the church.

  2. On your scheduled day, select the type of fast that works for you. Pray for our families, cities, states, nations, and the world throughout the day.


Types of fasting: 
  1. Regular fast. You can abstain from all food and drink except water. If you have medical conditions, please check with your doctor before fasting. 

  2. Partial fast. This fast involves abstaining from particular types of food or liquid, including oils. In Daniel 10:3, Daniel fasted only on vegetables and water.

  3. You can also fast from abstaining from Media, TV, phones, games, etc. But while you’re abstaining, please be in prayer. Find a quiet place you can pray and not be disturbed.



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